About Mickey

Written By: mickey-eves

Have you ever met a kid who seems to always has their nose in a book?  A kid who sneaks a flashlight under the covers in bed because they just have to see how the story ends? A kid who lives for reading? Well…that kid was NOT me! Yes, you read that correctly. Reading was one of my least favourite things to do.  I was the kid who loved to be read to, but when it came time to pick up a book and read it myself I just couldn’t do it. Silent reading time at school was like a jail sentence for me. A really, really loooong jail sentence!

I didn’t have trouble reading. I could read the words and comprehend the story fine. My trouble was that I didn’t know how to pick a book that was right for me. So, when it was time to sit down and read this book that I had chosen and had little to no interest in, my imagination thought it was free play time and went berserk. I would find myself daydreaming and creating my own adventures instead of reading the words on the page. It was like when I sat still, this vault of stories and ideas would burst open and I was enveloped by them.  Creative writing time couldn’t come soon enough!

It wasn’t until I became a Mom and frequently read stories to my kids that I truly realized the value of a good book.  The value of someone else’s experiences, thoughts and perspective. The amazing places that other people’s imaginations go and the interesting ways that others present factual information.  I then truly realized that by reading other people’s work – mine evolved too!  An entirely new world opened up for me.  And to my surprise –  I discovered that I love to read! Who knew?

I realize what I missed out on as a kid.  As an author, illustrator and publisher it is my goal to inspire other kids to embrace the written word, honour their own creative style, and unique abilities.   It is not about being like everyone else – it’s about embracing who YOU are and finding what YOU love.

As well as being a wife, mom of 3, author, illustrator and publisher I have also been dedicated for the past 10 years in the field of Neuro-Science and how our thoughts affect us on so many levels.  I am fascinated by this work and thoroughly enjoy working either 1 on 1 or in groups with women and children to help them discover new learning strategies for life while promoting and instilling a new-found self-confidence.

I love coming to visit with kids and engaging them in my interactive, educational and of course, fun workshops.  The best part for me is how I can almost ‘see’ as the doors of possibility, that were once shut, re-open or open even wider for those in the workshop.