My Books

Written By: mickey-eves

It’s never to early or too late to pick up a good book! 

One Million-Zillion Snowflakes                          

One Million-Zillion cover page final

A snowy night-time experience has a surprise ending.
Ages 0- 5

Me and My Dad

 Me and My Dad
Adventures with Dad can be high-swinging and super cool.
Ages 0-5



Hank and the Goose and Insanity                      

Hank and the Goose Insanity cover page
Follow Hank, the little goose with BIG ideas as he tries to get his crazy gaggle to be more productive!
Ages 6-10

The Canucks

The Canucks cover page

Meeting for the first time in Ottawa during Winterlude, this gang who are each named for a Canadian province or territory, experience the fun of a Canadian winter and new friendships.
Ages 6-10