Just for FUN!

Written By: mickey-eves

Try these ideas for breaking through those frustrating writer’s-block moments or just as a fun game.

What’s up with this guy?

  1. Fold a piece of paper in to 3 equal sections so that only 1 section is visible at a time.
  2. Start with the top section of the paper and draw a head and the neck of your ‘creature’ – extend the neck a teeny bit on to the next drawing section – it’s up to you if  it is human, animal, something out-of-this-world . . . or any combination of things.
  3. Pass the sheet of paper to someone else so that the next section is ready to draw on. (make sure that your creation is not visible except a bit of the neck so that they know where to continue the drawing.)
  4. This person using the next section draws the chest, arms, belly and hips. (make sure a little bit of the very bottom of the drawing extends on to the last section – but not too much! Don’t give away what you have drawn.)
  5. Pass the paper to the next person or back to the first – but don’t let them see what has been drawn already.  In the last section, draw the legs and feet.
  6. Unveil your co-creation and tell their story!


Pass the picture!

This game needs 2 or more players.

  1. Each person thinks of some type of theme.  example; basketball, the circus, a concert, school, outer space, fashion show, crazy hair dresser . . . anything will do.
  2. Each person has a sheet of paper and draws a scene about their theme . . .but only for 1 minute.
  3. When the minute is up – STOP DRAWING! Even if you aren’t done – stop drawing.
  4. Pass the picture to someone else.
  5. Continue drawing for 1 minute still using your theme on the paper you have just been passed.  Add to what is there – don’t erase anything.
  6. Continue drawing and passing in 1 minute intervals until every theme has been added to each picture OR if it is a small group, until you’ve had each picture twice.
  7. Report on what is happening in your picture as though you are a new reporter on the scene.